Drew Badger has been doing voice work for TV and radio off and on since 1993 when he began working at a small radio station in the Raleigh NC market.  Over the years he has worked with radio stations in the Raleigh and Charlotte markets and began doing voiceovers at Channel 16 in Charlotte in 1999, (which he still does to this day).  His first venture into the haunted voice  business came in 2003 when he created a series of safety PSA's and narratives for Scarowinds haunted theme park.

In 2006 Badger was introduced to Rotting Flesh Radio and became a contributing member in late 2007 when he began interviewing bands.  Since then, he has become a full-fledged 'Casket Crew' member and can be heard weekly doing commercials, interviews, and segments for the podcast.  In 2008 he met and befriended Dick Terhune, the haunt industry's "Voice from Hell" and Master of the Dark Arts of Advertising and Marketing.  Learning under Terhune and and studying his famous 'Advertising Autopsy', Badger decided to follow the Master's footsteps and began Spooky Voices in 2008, doing radio commercials for haunted attractions. 

With access to multiple studios, Badger will custom tailor any and all ideas and create a full out-the-door radio commercial for your haunted attraction that you will be fully satisfied with.  Ask about his special 2 for 1 deals for early season clients.

Dick Tehune the “Voice from Hell” with Badger

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